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Category: Games Like Minecraft

The latest version of Speed Miner is available on the net. Come on and take the chance to explore its wonderful innovations right now, guys. Totally, the speed of the miner is more [...]
Don't need to wait anymore, guys! The second version of Speed Miner is launched. Actually, there will be lots of exciting things to explore. Hurry up to play Speed Miner 2 and enjo [...]
In a peaceful Minecraft forest, there are some green creepers threatening lives of the other honest creatures. Thus, you are taken to this place to exterminate all of those evil mo [...]
There is a creeper lurking around Minecraft world and speaking loudly that no one can dance as beautifully as him. He is so bossy, right? Are you good at dancing, Minecraft lovers? [...]
Guys, let's explore a newer and more exciting game – Minecraft Cake Ingredients! There will be much surprise waiting for you to explore ahead. Totally, you will be amazed at its ne [...]
Wow! Minecraft world is so beautiful, guys. Have you ever put your feet in this world to explore its beauty and many other exciting things? Don't wait anymore and make a cool journ [...]
A tiny creature belonging to the Minecraft world is in his journey to find a dreamlike island to build his own world. When stepping towards a strange forest, he casually slips and [...]
Having just discovered the wonderland in the Minecraft world, a Minecraft boy is very happy and plans to make it more and more magical and beautiful in his way. Casually, he receiv [...]
Many times, you, Minecraft fans feel bored with the mundane appearance of a Minecraft man – the main protagonist in most traditional Minecraft games, and want to change it into the [...]
Commonly, joining in the Minecraft world, you will be allowed to experience various kinds of game modes such as creative building, battling, adventure and others. It's sure that al [...]